June 24, 2019 0 By SuperGabe

Since our desire is to draw people and communities together (see the Our Vision page for info), we do not just do praise and worship concerts. We have partnered up with the Lighthouse Outreach Center branch of Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, but we would certainly be willing to support your local church, food bank, fund-raising campaign, or ministry.

We are a music ministry group, so the primary way we offer support for different causes is to provide music for your event, and either charge admission in the form of food or clothes for the needy, take up offerings to go towards your specified cause, or if those options don’t interest you, we support whatever other method you prefer of raising awareness or resources for your cause.

If your goal is to simply have music for a church or community event, and you have no other cause you would like us to help you with, we will encourage an admission fee of 1 can of food per person to be donated to our partner, Lighthouse Outreach Center.

Visit our contact page, and let us know how we can team up with you for your next event.